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La prochaine extension "Les Corsaires d'Umbar" s'offre un aperçu sur le serveur de test Bullroarer

Les Corsaires d'Umbar

Le serveur de test Bullroarer a ouvert ses portes ce mercredi dans la nuit pour le premier aperçu de l'extension "Les Corsaires d'Umbar" dont la sortie est prévue le 1er novembre (edit du 20/10/23 la sortie est repoussée au 8 novembre).

  • Les trois premières régions, le Gondor Royal de l'Ouest, le Gondor extérieur et les iles du Boucliers sont disponibles, il faudra a priori attendre encore un peu pour admirer la cité d'Umbar.
  • L'artisanat évolue avec la fin des vocations, chaque joueur est désormais libre de choisir librement ses professions (bijoutier, armurier etc).
  • Les statistiques changent également et se resserrent autour de la stat principale de la classe (agilité, volonté, force), les bonus apportés par agilité, destin, puissance, vitalité et volonté ont été mis à jour. Le but étant de mieux équilibrer les classes et leurs objets.
  • Les emplacement d'essence avec la MàJ 38, les équipements vont posséder un emplacement d'essence primaire (statistique principale soit force, agilité, volonté), un emplacement d'essence vitale et un emplacement classique.

 Bullroarer va rester ouvert jusqu'au vendredi 20 octobre 23h00.

Les notes de version :

Welcome to Update 38 Corsairs of Umbar!

This expansion brings you back to King's Gondor, through the Shield Isles and on to the City of Umbar!
For this first Beta, content (quests, deeds, Reputation and travel routes) is available for these regions.
  • King's Gondor West: Dor-en-ernil, Ringlo Vale, Lamedon, Blackroot Vale & Belfalas
  • Outer Gondor: Anfalas & Pinnath Gelin
  • Shield Isles
  • City of Umbar (not yet ready)
    • While you can reach the City, content for this area will be available in a future U38 Beta!
*Your journey begins in the town of Linhir, in Dor-en-ernil in King's Gondor.
*The Epic Story 'The Song of Waves and Wind' is not available for Preview;)

Known Issues:
  • Some quest rewards are not fully implemented.*
  • Some travel routes are not reaching their destinations.
  • Some areas are not opening to the correct Region Map.
  • Some Region Maps are placeholder.
  • World Maps are not yet available.
  • Landscape Crafting Nodes may have placeholder components.
  • Player morale is intended to be fully restored on login or when entering/leaving instances. There is currently an issue with regeneration, if your morale becomes stuck please equip or re-equip an item that grants +vitality.
*Because quest rewards/crafting are not fully implemented, you might find you are out-leveling your gear. To get level specific gear to continue on your adventures, visit the E&G Tavern and speak to Svenson.
  • The 'Tavern: Adventurer's Gear' Barter profile contains 18 picker boxes that will scale with your character from level 141-150.
  • Get some Embers from Dust (across the tavern near the Craft Hall door) to barter for this gear
  • There is display issue with these packages that they will show as 131-140 on the Vendor. They will appear properly once purchased.
Vocations have been removed in favor of allowing players to train professions individually. Existing professions should not be impacted by these changes. Players will retain currently trained professions, as well as any progress and guild memberships associated with those professions. See a Profession Trainer to train a new profession or swap an existing profession.

NOTE: Due to some unexpected setbacks, Tier 15 Umbari Crafting is not yet available, and will be opening in a future U38 Beta!

Main Stat Changes

The benefits granted to any given class from Agility, Fate, Might, Vitality, and Will have all been updated to help balance classes and itemization.
The primary stat for each class (Agility/Might/Will) should still provide the most benefit for the class, but the other two stats should still be appealing for some roles available to the class.

With the changes to all classes in the utility of Agility, Might, and Will, stats on the following items have been adjusted accordingly:
Leather Riding Leggings, Dorchol, Earring of the Dead City, Fateful Gundabad Earring, Flowing Silver Stone, Flowing Silver Stone of the Tortoise, and the Fleet Merchant's Earring

Gear Essence Slotting

As of U38 gear may feature a Primary essence slot, a Vital essence slot, and regular essence slots.
  • A Primary essence slot can accept 'Main Stat' essences, allowing you to adapt a piece of gear to provide Might, Agility, or Will as needed to suit your build. If present, it will generally be replacing the existing main stat on a gear piece.
    • The goal of the Primary slot is to make it possible for players to easily customize gear to use whatever mainstat they feel they require to suit their build, regardless of armor type.
  • A Vital essence slot can accept Vitality, Fate, Morale, or Power affecting essences. If present it will usually be replacing the Vitality score on a gear piece.
    • The goal of the Vital slot is to allow flexibility in how players weigh vitality and power outlays, while also limiting Vitality stacking - it also ensures that Beornings in particular should never be stuck with Power related stats they cannot use.
  • Regular essence slots accept all the standard gear Essences. Their frequency/number should be similar to current gear.
Essence Values
  • The ICP cost per Essence slot, and the average score value of the essences are being reduced somewhat. This means that more of the raw value of the gear will appear on its inherent stats, and somewhat less on its essences.
Critical Rating
  • The Critical Ratings of gear/traits/effects have been increased.
  • The cap on Critical Rating increased.
  • Critical Magnitude cap was reduced.
  • This has the effect of making it a little more difficult to achieve the Critial Chance cap, but will increase player's Dev Crit, and Crit Magnitude rates and make capping those easier if you choose to pursue that goal.
Armor Values
  • Base armor values on gear in the Lvl 150 band will be somewhat lower than prior ones, as heavy armor characters in particular could quickly cap their Physical Mitigation even at modest gearing levels.
  • Shields have been dinged more than the rest of the gear, as they had a particularly high value - though shield tanks should be able to ultimately cap their physical mitigation values on armor alone, it will be at a significantly higher average ilevel.

Release Notes - Beta#1:​

Classes & Skills

  • General:
    • Player melee skill ranges have been normalized. This means most damaging melee skills should now have the same range across classes, though there are some exceptions.
    • In light of this change, many persistent, harmful ground effects throughout the game have been reduced in size.
    • In general, targeted melee skills should now have a max range of 4 meters.
    • Area of Effect melee skills should have a max range of 5 meters.
    • Beornings now gain 1m of extra melee range in Bear Form, down from 2m.
    • Brawler's Melee Range tracery has been changed and now increases Aggressive Posture's Damage bonus.
    • Some Area of Effect skills have had their base number of targets increased.
  • Brawler:
    • Battle flow description fixed to show the correct bonus, and indicate that it applies to all skill damage.
  • Captain:
    • While specialized in the Leader of Men, most damaging Captain skills will now generate additional threat.
    • Impactful Blows values have been fixed, and once again increase weapon damage by up to 10%.
  • Champion:
    • While specialized in the Martial Champion, most damaging Champion skills will now generate additional threat.
  • Mariner:
    • Flèche no longer moves your player character. Ultimately, the movement was simply not smooth enough on the live servers.
    • Increased the potency of traits which impact your healing potential.
    • Increased the potency of the Critical Defence debuff from the North Wind.
    • When traited in the Rover line enough to access 'Explosive Lunge' the cooldown of Lunge has been corrected so that it only increases to a minute when used directly after Debilitating Strike.
    • Salt-sea blade no longer erroneously benefits from bonuses to 'Advance' damage.
  • Rune-keeper:
    • Concession & Rebuttal is now a combat-only skill.
    • Concession & Rebuttal description no longer states that it has an attunement requirement.
Combat & Monsters
  • Generic monster ranged attacks now have no minimum distance from the player that they are allowed to execute.
  • Finesse now modifies partial b/p/e damage reduction.
  • Fix for monster power scaling -- Low level monsters were running out of power too quickly.
  • Hard Biscuits and Superior Hard Biscuits now correctly share the same out of combat Morale regeneration rate.
  • Trout and other fish used as crafting ingredients can now be put into crafting carryalls.
  • Crit crafted heal potions had heal values similar to non-crit, these have been improved.
  • Crafted Mariner Instruments and their recipes have been added to appropriate recipe scroll cases and vendors throughout the game.
    • Players should now be able to train craft guilds without vocations (profession is still required).
    • Training a new profession should bestow the appropriate Inferior Tools associated with that profession.
    • Rhidden's Crafting Level Up quests will now grant Gundabad Mastery.
Quests, Deeds, & Adventure Areas
  • The turn in for quest "Of Stars and Blossoms" now has the correct quest guide and map rings.
  • Physics have been removed from the chests for the Sant Lhoer 3-man instances. Players will no longer be displaced by chests showing up.
  • The Sant Lhoer 3-man boss Tarkka-oka will no longer sit idly by while you attack his Keeper.
  • Kholnedak's appearance has been fixed so that she looks correct.
  • Applying salve to scarred trees during the quest "The Ravages of the Taurgrim" will now say, "Applying..." instead of "Examining..."
  • Fixed a typo in the skirmish "Siege of Gondamon."
  • Floating crates and NPCs in the quest "Marked for Export" have been grounded.
  • During quest "Delivery to Meregrot North-took" Rosalinda will no longer tell you the basket is on a table next to her.
  • Physics have been removed from Orkish Weapon Caches in Tharbad.
  • The location for Sterkist has been corrected for the turnin for the quest "Scattered in the Forest."
  • Kholnedák and Dingási are no longer wearing the same outfits and looking similar.
  • The map guide for the quest "Release the Hounds" has been fixed.
  • Patrols for healers in the House of Healing during the wedding season have been fixed.
  • A quest objective for the quest 'Fortifying Crithost' has been moved out from underneath a rock for better access.
  • Lossi in Annak-khurfu's VO has been changed to reflect his Iron Hills background.
  • The Poisoned Dwarves in Azanulbizar have been given proper lines to express thanks for the antidote.
  • Fixed a T-posing irritated Zhelruka Dwarf.
  • Physics has been removed from numerous grub and mushroom quest objects in Mattugard.
  • Uluithiad will now say one less "the" than the "the"s he was "the"ing before.
  • Increased player damage and ally health slightly in the session play 'Remembering Thrymm'.
Instances & Skirmishes
  • The Featured Instance rotation has been updated to include: Glinghant, Haudh Valandil, Woe of the Willow, Agoroth, the Narrowdelve, Stoneheight, and Ost Dunhoth - Gortheron Wing.
Missions & Delvings
  • Fixed a typo in Mission: The Zhelruka Clan.
  • Mission Weekly Quests have been updated to go up to level 150.
    • PLEASE NOTE: Upon the release of "Corsairs of Umbar", all Mission Weekly Quests that are underway will be reset.
Housing & Decorations
  • Adding Angmarim Greenhouse Decorative Walls to Angmar Reborn Barter Vendor.
  • Adjusting prices of all Angmarim Decorative Walls to match (15 tokens).
Items & Rewards
  • The level 50 class armour sets available from class trainers in the Last Homely House for Marks are now bound to account, rather than bind on equip.
  • Stats on many Wayfarer's and Traveller's gear items were adjusted to align with current standards.
    Adventurer's gear at level 141 and higher also has new statting.
  • A few cosmetic and functional improvements to the tracery and essence socketing user interface have been added. Legendary items sockets now show their levels when a tracery is not socketed. The UI is now scalable in the horizontal direction to help with crowding of tracery names and descriptions. Some erroneous messaging regarding traceries has been corrected.
  • Monster players now have a trait slot for Tribe Traits.
  • The Incoming Damage reduction from Akúlhun's Challenge and Lainedhal's Call to Arms has been significantly reduced.
  • Troll and Ranger session player characters in the Ettenmoors now have an inherent -50% Incoming Damage effect.
  • Orc Defiler:
    • Sticky Feet and Improved Sticky Feet debuff durations increased by 5 seconds.
    • The Improved Sticky Feet debuff no longer stacks; it can now only be applied once per target, and will refresh its duration if reapplied early.
  • Uruk Warleader:
    • The radius of Uruk banners has been significantly reduced.
  • Misc Floating Objects have been grounded.
  • Misc Missing Physics issues have been resolved.
  • Character Reputations are now sorted alphabetically in the Reputations Panel.
  • Adds a higher quality "DX10 Dynamic Shadows" setting. The current "VeryHigh" will be renamed to "High" and a new "VeryHigh" option will replace it with the following improvements:
    • Increases distance that shadows are rendered to bridge the gap between the dynamic shadows and farview baked shadow maps.
    • Adds terrain to the shadow casters list.
    • Increases shadow map resolution to reduce pixelization.
  • Trait tomes now offer a smoother progression of bonuses from level to level.

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