Le code de la semaine : ONEKEY pour 1 clé en acier noire et -30% sur : Un choix de montures et de montures de guerre Des compétences de chevauchée Un choix d'ornementations de monture de guerre Des renforts de vitesse de déplacement

Le serveur de test Bullroarer se prépare pour un aperçu de la mise à jour 37


Le serveur de test Bullroarer a ouvert ses portes ce mercredi 19 juillet en début de soirée, il restera disponible jusqu'au vendredi 21 juillet 21h00.

Pour télécharger ce client spécifique et profiter de cet aperçu rendez-vous en fin d'article.

Au programme de cet aperçu la future mise à jour 37 avec quelques changements notables :

  • Avant
    un remaniement des statistiques avec notamment une baisse des points de vie des mobs mais également des modifications sur les statistiques des joueurs - qui progressent plus avec la monté de niveau, dans l'ensemble cela devrait au final se situer dans les mêmes fourchettes.
  • une mise à jour du Gardien 
  • une mise à jour du Béornide
  • un nouvel évènement d'artisanat qui concernera dans un premier temps le forestier (et qui sera étendu ensuite étendu aux autres professions). Il sera activé 4 à 5 jours puis mis en pause 14 à 21 jours avant de revenir. Il permettra via une série d'objectif à remplir de gagner des récompenses (rubans) liés au compte. Ils pourront être échangés contre des diverses récompenses :
    • des pierres à aiguiser pour augmenter les chances de critique sur les recettes d'artisanat
    • de nouvelles apparences pour les nouveaux outils d'artisanat
    • des recettes d'artisanat permettant d'améliorer les dits outils
    • des cosmétiques ( en lien avec la profession dans un premier temps des habits de bûcheron)
    • des titres (8)
    • des emotes (5)
    • des apparences pour les compétences (2)
    • des traits (5) pour améliorer vos chances de critiques d'artisanat
    • des objets décoratifs
    • de nouveaux outils d'artisanat avec de nouvelles apparences qui dans le futur pourront être améliorés et qui prendront pleinement leur place avec l'arrivée des changements sur l'artisanat (plus tard dans l'année)
  • des changements dans le magasin en jeu essentiellement dans la présentation
  • Un point D&co du Milieu sur le housing :
    • Housing & Decorations:
      Les décos "Paillasson" peuvent désormais être utilisées dans les emplacements "Meubles"
    • Certains petits tapis peuvent désormais être utilisés comme "Paillassons"
    • Les emplacements "Plancher" ont été convertis en "Meubles"
    • Les emplacements "Fosse à Feu" acceptent désormais les objets "Jardin" et "Meuble"
    • Les emplacements Jardins et Meubles ont été consolidés et acceptent désormais les mêmes décorations

Les notes de version :

Changement de statistiques

A few major things happened with the stat rework.
1) Numbers went down across the board. Mostly by about a factor of 10, I wanted more, but with the sheer number of levels we have in the game, that's hard without a level squish, which is not something we are intending to do.
2) A lot of the weird jags in stats from level to level were smoothed out. In theory you should get a much more consistent experience from 50-140 - the 1-50 phase has its own difficulty slope as the player build and gear hasn't 'matured' until you hit around 50.
3) Mainstats were reworked for all classes. Vitality now only gives you morale and morale regen. Fate now only gives you power and OCPR (excepting beornings). The three mainstats should now always give you stats useful to your build, so a champion can use will, and a RK can use might, etc. Which mainstat you want mostly depends on the role you are currently filling. Classes that just have DPS roles can just choose different mainstats depending on what stats they most value atm.
4) More of your stats now come from level progression. It's still not a huge contribution, but when you level you earn more of all your base stats.

So your stats will NOT remain exactly the same from before/after, though they should mostly be in the same general ranges, barring substantial shifts due to mainstat changes.

Le Gardien :

General Information:
The way main stats work has changed for all classes. Main stats include Might, Agility, Will, Vitality and Power. For the Guardian, main stats have been updated to increase more role-specific secondary stats. Might stats have been updated to focus on tanking, Agility on damage-dealing and Will on healing. Specifically:
  • Might now increases your Physical Mastery, Tactical Mitigation, Parry, and Block.
  • Agility now increases your Parry, Critical Hit, Finesse. and Physical Mastery.
  • Will now increases your Block, Parry, Evade, Tactical Mitigation, Resistance, and Finesse.
  • Vitality just increases your Maximum Morale, in-Combat Morale Regen, and non-Combat Morale Regen.
  • Fate increases your Max Power, and non-Combat Power Regen.
The Skill Turn the Table no longer requires the Guardian to suffer from a combat state effect to use. Instead, the skill can now be used without a target and affects up to three targets within a thin cone (45 deg) within 6m of the Guardian. This still breaks combat state effects, including root, and provides protection from combat states for a period of time after use.
Guardian Specialization trees have been altered:
  • You can no longer specialize in Fighter of Shadow, this is transformed into a utility line.
    • Traits in Yellow will cost a base of 1 trait point when specialized in either Defender of the Free or The Keen Blade; there are some traits that have an increased cost.
Defender of the Free Changes

Trait Set Bonuses:

  • Guardian's Defence: +10% to Armour, +10% to Critical Defence, +2.5% to partial Block, Increases Block Rating Points by 2.5% and -25% to Shield Wear when Blocking
  • Adaptablity: -1% Incoming Damage from All sources
  • Protection by the Shield: Grants the skill Protection by the Shield
  • Challenge the Darkness: Unchanged
  • Strengthen the Bulwark: Unchanged
  • Bolstering Blocks: Unchanged
  • Shield the People: Unchanged
Tier 1:
  • Relentless Assault: Unchanged
  • Tireless Defender: Unchanged
  • Guardian's Reward: Tactics: Unchanged
Tier 2:
  • Guardian's Pledge: Unchanged
  • Bellow: Unchanged
Tier 3:
  • Shield-smash: Unchanged
  • Reversal: Unchanged
  • Smashing-stab: Unchanged
Tier 4:
  • Follow-through: Unchanged
  • Shield Wall: Now a trainable trait; should be usable on a friendly target.
  • Shield of Light*: New trait with 5 tiers; Increases Perceived threat, Increases targets of Shield-taunt, and efficacy of Protection by the Shield
Tier 5:
  • High-Spirited*: Moved from Fighter of Shadow; Unchanged
  • Disorientation: Shield-smash and Shield-blow now have a chance to reduce the critical defence rating of targets hit by these attacks
Tier 6:
  • Warrior's Fortitude: +1% to Physical Mitigation, +1% Incoming Healing Modifier, +1% to Block Chance, +1.25% to partial Block Chance
  • Stoic: Unchanced
Tier 7:
  • Juggernaut: Unchanged
  • Break Ranks: Unchanged

The Keen Blade
  • The Keen Blade specialization grants the skill: Overwhelm when chosen as the specialization.
  • The Keen Blade specialization changes Retaliate to Breach.
  • The Keen Blade specialization changes Whirling Retaliation to Whirling Breach.
  • Breach and Whirling Breach immediately unlock the next skill in the Parry and Block response chains.
  • Self-healing is reduced by 50% when in the Keen Blade specialization.
  • Parry and Block response skill deal 15% more damage.
Trait Set Bonuses:
  • Valorous Strength: Unchanged
  • Bleed them Dry: Increases bleed damage potency, Increases bleed pulse counts by 2
  • Protection by the Sword: Grants the skill Protection by the Sword
  • Battle-fury: Grants the skill Battle Fury
  • Brutal Charge: Charge becomes Brutal Charge. Increase melee damage for a short time. Will attempt to known down your next target(s) +5s Charge Duration
  • Heavy Blows: Unchanged
  • Prey on the Weak: Successful attacks against an opponent suffer from your bleeds take extra damage.
Tier 1:
  • Thill of Battle: Successful melee attack increase your chance to critical to a max stack size of 5. Scoring a critical strike resets this effect.
  • Heavy Weapons Training: +1% Skill damage and +1% Two-handed weapon damage per rank
Tier 2:
  • Broad Strokes: Unchanged
  • Thrust: Unchanged
Tier 3:
  • Brutal Assault: Unchanged
  • Tireless Blows: Unchanged
  • Invigourating Response: Critical hits with your response skills restore 1% of your power per rank
Tier 4:
  • Deeper Wounds: Unchanged
  • To the King: Unchanged
Tier 5:
  • Haemorrhage: Unchanged, but fixed a bug where all Bleeds were not affected by the bonus Bleed damage.
  • Into the Fray: +2% Charge run speed, +1 charge duration per rank; rank 6 your next melee attack has a 100% chance to critical
Tier 6:
  • Warrior's Advantage: Increases Physical Mastery, +1% Melee Critical Chance, +1% Parry Chance, +1.25% to Partial Parry Chance
  • Blind Rage: Unchanged
Tier 7:
  • Hammer Down: Unchanged
  • Rupture: Successful strikes with Hammer Down now remove all active bleeds on the target. Each bleed removed applies a 2.5% Incoming Damage Debuff on the target for 5 seconds. Applies the new bleed Ruptured Artery.

The Fighter of Shadow

Tier 1:

  • Force Opening: Grants the skill Force Opening
  • Insult to Injury: +3% per rank to refresh any debuffs on targets struck by guardian skills
  • Bastion of Light*: Creates a 9m area beneath the Guardian's feet increasing the miss chance of all enemies within the area +5% Miss Chance. Adds a 5% chance to spread debuffs to enemies affected by Bastion of Light.
  • Defensive Expertise: +1% to Block and +1% to Parry per rank
Tier 2:
  • Light-touched*: +.5% Melee Damage and Incoming healing per rank; you can block with Two-Handed weapons
  • War-chant: Unchanged
    Radiate*: Provides a 10% chance to spread debuffs on a target within Bastion of Light to up to 3 nearby targets and increases the range of Bastion of Light by 3m per rank
  • Numbed Senses: Unchanged
Tier 3:
  • Tenderize: Parrying, Blocking, or evading increases Critical Rating
  • Thrill of Danger: Unchanged
  • Bolster: Unchanged
Tier 4:
  • +Disabling Strikes: Increases the efficacy of Movement, Attack Speed, Outgoing Damage, Miss Chance, and Critical Defence debuffs the guardian controls
  • +Demoralizing Anthem: Increases maximum number of targets affected by War-chant by 1 per rank, -1s Block and Parry Response skill cooldown per rank, +20 War-chant range per rank
  • Redirect: Unchanged
Tier 5:
  • Flash of Light: Bastion of Light now deals a small amount of damage to all enemies within its range, increases the duration of Bastion of Light by 5s
  • Bring on the Pain: Unchanged
Tier 6:
  • Strong Bursts: Unchanged
  • Protected by the Light*: +2% Incoming Healing from Protection by the Shield; Adds a reflective damage shield to Protection by the Sword
  • Manifested Ire: Unchanged
  • Vicious Rebuttal: Unchanged
Tier 7:
  • Warrior's Guile: +1% Tactical Mitigation, Increases Critical Defence, +1% Evade Chance, and +1.25% Evade Chance
  • Singular Focus: Unchanged
  • Cataclysmic Shout: Now Applies all available debuffs, and bleeds to targets up to 5 targets within 7m of the guardian

Known Issues

Bastion of Light:

  • The bonus to spread debuff effects is not currently applied through the skill.
  • The vfx for Bastion of Light are placeholder.
  • Radiate may not spread debuffs effectively
Insult to Injury:
  • Sometimes debuffs are removed instead of refreshed with insult to injury traited
  • The tooltip information for Rupture is incorrect and states that the Guardian gains a damage buff. This was altered to be more beneficial to the fellowship and raid by becoming an incoming damage debuff on the target.
  • Rupture does not currently consume the 'Stabbed' bleed from Smashing-stab.
  • Deep Wounds are still not receiving the 3% damage boost from Haemorrhage.
  • The tooltip for Disorientation's applied effect needs revision.
Protected by the Light:
  • There is a reference error in the tooltip for Protected by the light, falsely referencing a damage shield to Protection by the shield. The Reflective shield is applied to Protection by the Sword.
Cataclysmic Shout:
  • Bleeds applied by Cataclysmic shout are not applying the proper damage.
  • Tooltip for Cataclysmic shout needs revision.
  • Cooldown on Cataclysmic shout should be 3m.
  • We need to update the tooltip to include Breach and Whirling Breach.
Challenge the Darkness:
  • When Challenge the Darkness and Guardian's Ward: Tactics are traited the skill is adding the wrong effect.
Shield of Light:
  • There is an issue where ranks 2 and 4 of the trait erroneously remove the bonus number of targets for Shield-taunt.
  • There is an error in the tooltip that references Increases incoming healing twice.
  • Applied effects are sometimes tiering up the wrong values.
Litany of Defiance:
  • Applied effect icon is incorrect.
Protection by the Sword:
  • The tooltip is missing information that you will intercept Parry AND Block events from affected allies.


Le Béornide :

Note: Yellow Line Beorning is ready for testing and player feedback. Of particular focus this week is feedback on healing efficacy, healing rotation and Wrath generation in yellow line. Blue and Red Beorning trait lines need another week in the oven and are not suitable for testing or feedback right now. Any new traits/skills you see in-game that are not mentioned below should be assumed to be broken/not working as intended. More updates for Beorning coming soon.

General Changes:
  • The way main stats work has changed for all classes. Main stats include Might, Agility, Will, Vitality and Power. For the Beorning, main stats have been updated to increase more role-specific secondary stats. Might stats have been updated to focus on tanking, Agility on damage-dealing and Will on healing. Specifically:
    • Might now increases your Physical Mastery, Physical Mitigation, Tactical Mitigation, Parry, Evade, and Resistance Rating.
    • Agility now increases your Critical Rating, Physical Mastery, and Finesse.
    • Will now increases your Outgoing Healing, Critical Rating, Tactical Mastery, and Finesse.
    • Vitality just increases your Maximum Morale, in-Combat Morale Regen, and non-Combat Morale Regen.
    • Fate increases your Maximum Morale, in-Combat Morale Regen, and non-Combat Morale Regen (mostly worse than Vitality, but with better in-Combat Morale Regen).
  • Wanderlust's Peaceful Movement Speed has increased from 62% to 68%.
  • The Lothlorien Survival Guide no longer works with Wanderlust.
  • "Rush" can no longer stack or be used with "Wanderlust".
  • Nature's Vengeance cost has increased from zero to five Wrath.
  • Updated icons for new and changed traits and skills.
The Hide:
  • The trait "Vitality Increase" has been renamed "Nature's Bounty".
  • The traits "Physical Mitigation Increase" and "Tactical Mitigation Increase" have been combined and renamed "Armoured Hide".
  • The Hide skill "Guarded Attack" can now be used in any form.
  • Rending Blows and Armour Crush have each been moved one row deeper into The Hide trait tree.
  • Armour Crush's max Incoming Damage debuff has been reduced from 15% to 12%.
  • The Hide trait tree traits "Recuperate" and "Quick Recovery" have been moved shallower in the trait tree.
  • The Hide trait tree trait "Weakening Blow" has been moved to The Claw trait tree.
  • The Hide set trait bonus "Down But Not Out" now reads: When morale goes below 30%, in any form: Heal +20% Max Morale and gain +20 Wrath. Cooldown is now 1.5 minutes.
  • The following skills now have increased threat generation when used: Thickened Hide, Nature’s Fury, Thorned Armour, Rending Blow, Armour Crush, Counter, and Claw Swipe (when traited fully in Opposing Presence).
  • The Hide set trait “Rake” has moved to The Claw.
  • The Hide set trait “Animalistic” has moved to replace “Rake”. Its effect has changed and now grants a version of the skill "Hearten" that can be used in any form.
  • A new set trait “Cultivate” has been added at the position “Animalistic” occupied. Cultivate retains Animalistic’s original effect (Wrath generation in combat) and now also gives an any form version of Ferocious Roar.
  • Assertive Roar will not be changed.
The Claw:
  • The Claw trait “Turn the Tides” trait now has 1 rank, down from 5.
  • The Claw trait “Critical Chance” has been renamed “Quick Claws”.
  • The Claw trait “Melee Damage” has been renamed “Savage Blows”.
  • The Claw trait tree trait “Enraging Sacrifice” has been removed.
  • The Claw trait tree trait “Composure” has been reduced to 3 ranks. Max effect remains the same.
  • The Claw trait tree trait “Crippling Stings” now increases Bee Swarm damage on each rank as well as providing a snare effect.
  • The Claw trait tree trait “Bleed Damage” now increases damage for all bleeds.
  • Gained “Weakening Blows” trait from The Hide. Now has 3 ranks instead of 5. No change in max trait.
  • Removed “Festering Wounds” set trait.
  • The Hide set bonus “Rake” has moved to The Claw to replace "Festering Wounds".
  • The Claw set bonus "Wrathful" has been changed. It no longer increases Critical Chance linearly from 3-15%. Instead, it now reads: “Gain 4% Critical Chance for every 20 Wrath, up to 16% at 80 Wrath, then Critical Chance declines to 12% at 81-100 Wrath.”
The Roar:
  • Due to recent stat changes, Fate no longer contributes to secondary stats as it did prior for Beornings. Because of this, the "Fate" trait has been renamed "Torrent" and now grants increased Will and Critical Healing Magnitude instead of Fate.
  • The Roar trait tree trait Stampede now has 3 ranks down from 5. Same max effect.
  • The Roar trait tree trait Crippling Roar now has 1 rank. Same max effect.
  • The Roar trait tree trait Imposing Presence now has 2 ranks down from 3. Same max effect.
  • The Roar trait tree traits "Raging Blow" and "Debilitating Bees" have switched places.
  • Debilitating Bees max physical mitigation debuff has been reduced to 5%.
  • Rejuvenating Bellow now is a selection heal with a target. It has been reduced to seven total heal targets, based in proximity to the initial target. Note: I am still trying to make this targetable to either fellowship in a raid by selecting and healing a target from that fellowship, this is a placeholder solution until I can get that working.
  • All Beorning heals have been made fellowship-wide except for Relentless Maul, Nature’s Salve and Rejuvenating Bellow, which remain raid-wide.
  • Relentless Maul now has a 45s cooldown.
  • Added Nature’s Salve trait and skill, a raid-wide 10m area bear form heal that generates ten Wrath with a 45s cooldown. The trait has 4 ranks, with additional ranks providing increased heal efficacy.
  • Added To Your Aid trait and skill, a strong single target man form heal that also provides increased physical and tactical mitigation if the target has Mark of Grimbeorn. Generates 20 Wrath with a 20s cooldown. Trait has 3 ranks, with the tactical and physical mitigation bonus unlocked on ranks 2 and 3.
  • Nature’s Mend is now a tiered heal, with 4 tiers unlockable by traiting full points into the “Quick Mend” trait.


L'évènement artisanat sur le Forestier 

We have added our first Crafting Event to the game!

The event takes place at the Combe Lumber Camp and when active the Camp is decorated by flags, new hide stretchers, craft tables, wood piles, and bears for skinning.

If you are in Breeland, you will get an announcement alerting you that the event will being in 15 minutes. Contestants can make their way to the lumber camp and acquire the quest from Wilkin Thorne, Mason Thorne's son. As the event coordinator, Wilkin will bestow the quest to any forester, regardless of their proficiency.

This event works a little different than others.

Players get the quest and then register with the Judge, Aldith Bauman, Old Bauman's daughter. The first contestant to register with Aldith begins a hidden count that provides a failsafe for when there are not enough players around to normally kick off the contest. If three players register for the event, there is another announcement that alert all players that there are 2 minutes before the event begins.

Players then follow the quest, as normal, and complete the tasks to place, 1st, 2nd, and consolation in the event. All participants who complete the "race" portion of the event will get wither a 1st place, 2nd place, or participation award. All players who complete the quest receive a participation award and advance the competition based deeds!

Old Bauman has a new role in the camp as a barterer! you can see the list of the many, many, rewards available through the event by looking through his wares.

Known Issues:
  • Icons for rewards are placeholder.
  • Cosmetically applied effects are currently not translating when used to harvest wood nodes.
  • There is an error in the titles that places Farmer before your name and the rest of the title, whoops.
  • Items purchased through the barter system that should only be purchased once can currently be purchased multiple times.
  • The output Axes from new recipes are erroneously set to bind when equipped, this should be bind when acquired.
  • Whetstone rewards are not consumed.

Feedback Needed:
As this is an inaugural event and we are looking to add at least one event for each of the professions, available on a rotating basis the reward costs are high. We will need to be cautious about lowering them too far, but look forward to feedback on this, our first true Crafting Event.

Le magasin en jeu :

We are in the process of preparing an update to the LotRO Store, and we are interested in getting your feedback! Starting on Thursday, June 29th, we intend to update Bullroarer to give you an opportunity to try out the new Store and provide us with feedback in this thread. This preview will continue through the day until 6pm Eastern (-4 GMT) on Thursday, June 29th.

The new Store should be generally familiar to you as it is intended to be mostly similar to the existing Store, with few new features or additions. However, if you encounter any issues or confusion when previewing the Store, please let us know here! Please note that for this preview, both Points purchasing and VIP Subscription management on Bullroarer will not be available.

The Store is accessed by pressing Control+S when logged into the game.

Browsing the Store

On the left side of the Store you will see a list of Categories where you can browse for things to purchase. There is also a Search bar if you are looking for something specific.
  • Specials: This is where you will find special limited time promotions and other offers that are not part of our typical weekly sales.
  • Sales: This is where you will find all of the items currently offered at a discount in the Store.
  • Featured Items: This is where you will find newly-released items and other things that are being featured, such as Quest Packs/Adventure Packs, Supporter Packs, and more.

If you see an item you like and might want to purchase again, you can create your own Favorites list by clicking on the star in the upper right of any item in the Store! You can then access your Favorites through the Star button at the top of the Store page.

Recent Items

Another way to quickly find things you have already purchased is to use the Recent Items button at the top of the Store page. It looks like a clock. Click it see to see the items that you've visited and purchased. You can sort by price or date, and by low to high, high to low, oldest first, or newest first, by clicking the drop-down arrow in the upper right of the page.

← and →

At the very upper left of the Store page you will see arrows to go Back and Forward through your Store session if you wish.

My Account

The My Account section of the LOTRO Store is where you manage your account in the LOTRO Store. There are three tabs:
  • General: This is where you can find your points balance, change the Store's font size, and see a list of characters associated with your account. You can also choose to enable or disable the confirmation screen that appears whenever you make a purchase.
  • Subscriptions: This is where you will get information about your VIP Subscription, and where you can change your subscription status.
  • Active Coupons: Some types of coupons can offer you a choice. Applying a coupon to your account, you can visit this tab to see details of that coupon.
Transaction History

You can find your Transaction History through the drop-down options located in the upper left of the LOTRO Store. If you ever want to check what something cost or how many points you spent on a thing, this is the place! Looking for something specific? You can filter by the Transaction Type by clicking the arrow next to “Transaction Type” to choose the category for a more refined list.

Général : 

Classes & Skills:
  • Minstrel:
    • The trait 'Cacophonous Echoes' now correctly improves the damage of Coda of Fury's echo.
Quests, Deeds, & Adventure Areas:
  • The text for 'Men, Elves, Dwarves, and Hobbits' has been revised to more accurately describe the location of the Allegiances panel.
  • Fixed some text timing issues within 'Instance: Memories of Mithrandir' so the dialogue of several characters will appear properly
  • Implemented a fix to keep players from falling through the physics during 'Interlude: A Secret Return'
  • A number of NPCs will no longer float above the ground during 'Instance: The Melee in the Square'
  • Fixed some bad punctuation in IV.1.2, 'The Ruthless Dead'
  • Fixed the double animation for picking up the torch in 'Instance: Mists of Anduin'
  • War of Three Peaks - Quest: March on Gundabad: Additional Steps (Daily) - This quest will no longer credit the incorrect quests as being completed.
  • Deeds - Wells of Langflood - Slayer of the Wells of Langflood - This Deed now properly requires completion of the Advanced Slayer Deeds in this region.
  • Mordor - Talath Urui - Quest: Drakes of the Ghashghurm - Dragon-kind involved in this quest now properly display that information on their mouse-over panel.
  • Farmer's Faire - Thrâng's Challenge - Tier 2 - This quest no longer refers to the level cap being Level 120. Thrâng has been duly informed of the launches of Minas Morgul and Fate of Gundabad and sends his congratulations to the team.
  • Eregion - Quest: The Worm-keeper - The Quest item involved in this quest is now automatically added to your inventory.
  • Far Anorien - Quest: Instance: Honour and Treachery - Crumgam no longers steals a line of dialogue from Reeve Fastred. Various visual effects in this instance have been polished.
  • Elderslade - Quest: The Necklace of Undoing - Thrain I now has his proper appearance, and a missing line has been re-added to his dialogue.
  • Archet - Quest: Instance: The Assault on Archet - Atli Spider-bane now has an appearance consistent with his other appearances elsewhere in-game.
  • Western Gondor - Quest: The Roving Threats of Western Gondor - This quest is no longer overly insistent that you "Speak with Aelnir", instead only suggesting (once) that you "Talk to Aelnir".
  • Made some adjustments to clear up confusing objectives in III.11.9, 'Seeds of Treachery'
  • Quest "Toss a Coin" - Fixed a string that was showing up in the wrong place
  • For the weekly mission quests, "On A Mission (Weekly)" and "On A Continuing Mission (Weekly)", the "1,000 Virtue XP" consumable item reward has been replaced by a direct 1,500 virtue xp grant when you complete the quest. You can still choose a "1,000 Virtue XP" consumable item from the "Missions: Bonus Character Boosts" package selectable reward offered by these quests.
  • King's Gondor - The Deed LoG page for Update 36: Gondor Renewed has been renamed from "Renewal of Gondor" to "Eastern King's Gondor".
  • King's Gondor - Quest Log sorting has been updated for quests included with Update 36: Gondor Renewed. For example, "Lossarnach" has been changed to "King's Gondor: Lossarnach".
  • The Temámir Dwarves in King's Gondor now use the appropriate appearances
  • The Lute Dance can now be used in the dancing competition for 'Boffins On The Loose' in Yondershire.
  • Elda in Wildermore couldn't decide if he had long hair or not. He does, for the record, and now he will also have it in 'Instance: The Bloom.'
  • One of the Loose Rock quest items for 'Legacy of Durin Chapter 4.3: Think Like a Goblin' was stuck on an inaccessible cliff. It has been moved to a better location.
  • Removed Celeborn's accidental kicking animation in 'The Further Adventures of Elladan and Elrohir, Chapter 5'
  • Quests with Hobbit-specific text have been updated for River-hobbits. You may need to pick up such quests again from their bestowers if they were currently underway.
Housing & Decorations:
  • Doormats can now be used on Furniture Hooks.
  • Small Rug decorations can now be used on Doormat hooks.
  • Floor hooks have been consolidated with Furniture Hooks.
  • Firepits now accept Furniture and Yard deco items.
  • Yard Hooks now accept all Furniture Decorations.
  • Furniture Hooks now accept all Yard Decorations.
Items & Rewards:
  • Power potions now display a warning and are barred from use by Beornings, as using them as a Beorning has no effect.
  • 16th Anniversary Festival Violet Explosion and Incandescent Lightning Fireworks have had their plural names and descriptions corrected.
  • Dummies labeled 'No Mitigations' were erroneously still mitigating Orc-craft, Fell-wrought, and Morgul-forged damage types. This has been fixed, so these dummies should truly have no mitigations now, regardless of what damage types your skills deal.
  • The Elderslade travel skills are now available from the delving barter.
  • Beorning Armour and Jewellery is now correctly on the heavy armour vendor in Dor Amarth in Mordor.
  • The Beorning Armour Set of the Forest Bounder and Brawler Armour of the Peerless Hand-fighter both now have correct armour values for each armour piece.
  • Beorning armour rewards in the quest "Sworn to Secrecy" have been corrected to heavy armour, rather than medium.
  • Enemies in Moria no longer drop obsolete Legendary Item rewards.
  • Items from the Ettenmoors that were placed into players banks were throwing a string table error when added to bank inventories. This has been fixed.
  • The Forochel reputation items Ajokoira Shoes, Leijona Boots, and Mammutti Boots now have a max level of 75.
  • The old 'Return to Gramsfoot' map now has a 1 minute cooldown, matching the newer version available from the updated intro quest.
  • Updated the Ettenmoors quest to auto-bestow correctly.
  • Players are now directed to head north to the Captain-General in Glan Vraig as part of the new player tutorial in the Ettenmoors.
  • Implemented some additional safety nets to prevent Gloin and friends from sinking into the rocks behind Limlok.
  • Increased the playable space for 'The Divided Loyalties of Glurkub the Goblin' to eliminate an inconvenient wall.
  • Misc Travel Issues to and from King's Gondor have been resolved.
  • Misc placement issues in King's Gondor have been resolved.
  • Swift Travel Routes from various Stable-masters in The Shire no longer have level usage restrictions.
  • Goats in Ost Norhir are now appropriately sturdy.
  • Mithril Traders now properly display their names on the Radar.
  • German: Bestowal text for Akshir the Unrelenting now displays properly in English .
  • The Following Titles now display properly in German:
    Spinner of a Good Yarn
    Invader of Gwathrenost
    Ally to the League of the AxE
    Friend to the League of the Axe
    Known to the League of the Axe
    Neutral to the League of the Axe
    Scout of the Mighty Court
  • The Illumination Garments - Gift-wrapped Selection Box now also includes the Hooded Cloak of Illumination as a selection option.
  • Fixed an issue in the Before the Shadow Mission "The Jaws of Death" that allowed wargs to travel outside the instance space but still use delving skills.
  • Dummies labeled 'No Mitigations' were erroneously still mitigating Orc-craft, Fell-wrought, and Morgul-forged damage types. This has been fixed, so these dummies should truly have no mitigations now, regardless of what damage types your skills deal.
  • On smaller resolutions, the Rhovanion sub-menu will now have a scrollbar if it is too tall for the game client.
  • Collection Panel information on where to acquire the following cosmetic pets has been updated: Formal Corgi, Toffee Goat Kid, Mottled Craban, Ashen Eagle, Copper Goat, Spotted Pig, Two-toned Sheep, and Red Gecko.

* traditionnellement les notes de version du serveur de test Bullroarer ne sont pas traduite - elles le seront lors de l'implémentation de la mise à jour 37 sur les serveurs Live. 

Télécharger Bullroarer

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Pour transférer un personnage sur Bullroarer :

1 - Connectez vous sur votre compte sur Bullroarer, cliquez sur transfert, sélectionnez le serveur sur lequel se trouve le personnage à copier vers Bullroarer

2 - Sélectionnez le personnage a transférer (le plus simple est de cliquer sur tout sélectionner)

3 - Sélectionner "Copier vers Bullroarer" 3-640.jpg





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